Directory of Online Mental Health Resources for Everyone

Mental Health Resources For Everyone

With the best of intentions, you’ve bought all of the self-help, marriage, and parenting books your friends recommend, but your evenings and mornings are still chaotic. You continue to struggle to understand your needs in your most important relationships. Deep down, you know you will never find the time to read all of those books collecting dust.

There’s hope! Our professionals have created a collection of easy-to-digest, on-demand resources for individuals seeking practical tips and tools to grow and thrive. Like your favorite podcast, choose your topic from MMHC, and learn while you get ready for your day, commute, and complete household tasks.

Continuing Education Courses for Licensed Clinicians

Together we make continuing education more accessible.

As mental health professionals, we understand the importance of having a resource for evidence-based training that allows you to maximize your time when seeking ways to better serve your clients and fulfill your licensure requirements.

With My Mental Health Council, you can rest assured that new courses and content will be added on a regular basis.

Interventions for Therapists and Supervisees

Mental health therapists and supervisees need easy, straightforward access to practical, evidence-based strategies to care for their clients. That’s why we created The Clinician’s Library.

We partner together to provide a subscription-based library of resources, techniques, and interventions that enhance and facilitate the supervision training experience and support therapists practicing in more professionally isolated settings.

Our goal is to come alongside professionals in their practice and help supervisors fully prepare supervisees for licensure. If you need specific topics that you don’t see in The Clinician’s Library, contact My Mental Health Council with your request!

My Mental Health Council prioritizes safety and transparency. 

This is why all provider and counselor partners undergo
a thorough background check process before they join the
My Mental Health Council team.

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