⟡ WHO should take this course? ⟡


⟡ LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH CLINICIANS ⟡ invested in deepening their clinical understanding of and ability to treat complex trauma, dissociation, and dissociative identity disorder.


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⟡ WHY should I take this course? ⟡


  • to increase your knowledge and skills in working with some of the most clinically vulnerable and challenging client presentations.

  • for 12 hours of continuing education.

  • you are, or might be, interested in applying for My Mental Health Council’s next Certification Cohort.


⟡ WHAT can I expect from taking this course? ⟡


  • structured content presentation using an online learning management system (LMS) that is similar in functionality to Canvas and Blackboard including self-printed handouts accompanying each lesson.

  • self-paced access to content presented through virtual lectures with the ability to pause and re-watch as needed.

  • within each section, content and quizzes that challenge you toward a more sophisticated understanding of and ability to apply some fundamental methods of conceptualization and treatment for complex trauma and dissociation.

  • upon completion, increased confidence in your understanding of the material such that you may utilize it in your work and present it to your clients in sessions.


⟡ Prerequisites ⟡


  • Watch (or re-watch if it’s been a while!) Disney/Pixar’s movie Inside Out (2015).

  • Purchase All The Colors of Me: My First Book About Dissociation by Ana M. Gomez and Sandra L. Paulson, Ph. D.


⟡ Other questions? ⟡


  • Use any of the “Contact Us” links on the website or email us directly at info@MyMentalHealthCouncil.com.


Course Information

Estimated Time: 12 hours

Difficulty: Post-Graduate


Course Instructor

Ashlee Ashlee Author

Wife. Mom. Daughter. Professional Counselor. Relentlessly Creative. Passionately Hopeful. Lover of beaches, football, cupcakes, and dresses. Founder of My Mental Health Council.


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