Mental Health Resources for All 

My Mental Health Council is an on-demand, web-based business whose mission is to provide mental health education and resources for everyone. 

Our on-demand resources service individuals who: 

  • may struggle to pay for face-to-face counseling
  • do not have the resources to attend live sessions
  • are from a culture that is not open to mental health support
  • navigate other barriers that prevent them from accessing care

My Mental Health Council is also a training resource for mental health clinicians offering:

  • continuing education courses
  • a subscription-based library of therapy resources, techniques, and interventions that are specifically designed:
    • to enhance and facilitate the clinical supervision experience
    • for clinicians who desire a more connected relationship with other professionals.

    Maintaining Positive Mental Health is For Everyone

    At My Mental Health Council, we conceptualize mental health within 5 connected and foundational categories.

    Mental Wellbeing

    How I talk to myself about myself, others, and the world around me.

    The ability to notice, verbalize, and practice helpful thinking patterns.

    Physical Wellbeing

    Intentional care of and enjoyment for my physical body, including getting enough sleep, recreation, nourishment, and movement.

    Attending regular check-ups with my doctor(s), taking my medications as prescribed, and refraining from risky and dangerous choices.

    Emotional Wellbeing

    My ability to notice, name, and healthfully experience my feelings.

    The ability to feel a wide variety of emotions, including happy, sad, mad, scared, powerful, belonging, and calm.

    Relational Wellbeing

    What it’s like to be me in my relationships with the people in my life, including family, friends, and co-workers.

    Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries between myself and others.

    Spiritual Wellbeing

    The deepest “why” for the priorities in my life and the choices that I make.

    What I believe about my personal meaning, purpose, value, and the world around me.

    About our



    A Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor in the state of Texas, Ashlee earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology with an Honors College Certificate from the University of North Texas and her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Texas at Tyler.

    Before beginning My Mental Health Council, Ashlee had the privilege of teaching at the University of Texas at Tyler for 12 years. The first two of those years were spent as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Guest Lecturer and the remaining 10 years were spent as an Adjunct Instructor in undergraduate psychology courses including Developmental Psychology, Psychological Statistics, and Introduction to Psychology.

    Joining with others as a pioneer in the early years of creating high-quality, online University courses to meet National and State accreditation standards, Ashlee enjoyed most the flexibility that she was able to offer her students as they pursued their educational goals. Much of the time, Ashlee’s courses were filled with non-traditional university students: those with full-time jobs, those who were parents caring for children, and those who had graduated high school more than a decade before enrolling in her course.

    In a culmination of many of the skills developed over her career as a practicing mental health clinician and educator, Ashlee looks forward to sharing her care for people, love of learning, and ability to provide quality online education alongside her friends and colleagues through My Mental Health Council’s on-demand mental health resources.

    i always imagined myself
    flying wild and free
    i had an unending desire to
    go higher and higher

    but i always felt too much was holding me back
    the responsibilities i tend to,
    the work i do,
    even the people i love
    were like strings, keeping me bound to the ground below

    but then a gust of wind came along-
    out of the clear blue sky

    and i realized those strings were my anchor
    without them i’d be aimless
    perhaps i never would have gotten off the ground

    all along, those strings had been the tension
    that allowed me to take flight
    taking me higher than i could have gone alone

    -Anna Mitchael


    My Mental Health Council prioritizes safety and transparency. 

    This is why all provider and counselor partners undergo
    a thorough background check process before they join the
    My Mental Health Council team.

    If at any time you believe that your rights have been violated or you wish to file a complaint, you may reach the LPC Board at


    or by mail at

    Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council
    1801 Congress Ave., Ste. 7.300
    Austin, Texas 78701

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