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Counseling Partners

Bianca Blattman, M.A.


Bianca enjoys working with a wide variety of clients beginning at 12-years-old. She finds great joy in helping individuals discover a deeper love and understanding of themselves while also learning how to better cope with the often-chaotic tendencies of life.

Utilizing a holistic, attachment- and trauma-informed approach, she offers clients the space to explore their inner strengths through EMDR, mindfulness, play, art, developmentally-based theories and other evidence-based practices.

Bianca is grateful to be able to offer help and deepen understanding for a variety of concerns including trauma, anxiety, depression, identity development, adoption issues, attachment, behavioral concerns, parenting, and grief.

Bianca firmly believes that lasting positive change and growth is possible for all. Her goal is to empower her clients through strength-based practices and help alleviate the burdens of life through the therapeutic relationship. She understands that it takes courage and strength to seek help and is humbled to walk alongside her clients on their journeys.

Bianca is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate under the supervision of Ashlee Coleman, LPC-S. Fully trained in the provision of EMDR Therapy, she is currently working through the process of becoming an EMDR Certified Therapist.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Baylor University and worked in corporate administrative roles for several years before earning a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The University of Texas at Tyler.

$95/50 minute session, private pay
receipts provided upon request for client submission to private insurance for reimbursement of fees for services.

Bianca is currently accepting new clients.

Kim Morris M.A.


Kim enjoys working with a wide variety of clients, beginning at 12-years-old, from different cultural backgrounds including teens, adults, parents (including pre-adoption and pre-foster), and couples seeking premarital counseling. She helps clients become unstuck through compassionate exploration of narrative identity and family systems.

She is passionate about helping clients break free of perceived limitations on the path to wellness through cultivating a stronger and more loving sense of self, building a personalized framework for coping through life’s stressors, and helping clients heal and let go of that which does not serve them anymore.

Kim’s counseling is holistic, compassion-focused, trauma-informed, and attachment based. She believes gaining trust for yourself and for your cultivated relationships is a stop on the path towards wellness. She knows showing up to counseling takes strength. As such, she trusts your feedback in session and loves forming a strong, safe therapeutic relationship with clients that is full of authenticity.

In order to increase access to high-quality mental health services across the state of Texas, Kim offers her services exclusively through a virtual, HIPAA-compliant Telehealth platform.

Kim is a Licensed Professional Counselor – Associate under the supervision of Ashlee Coleman, LPC-S and owner of New Summits Counseling, PLLC. She is experienced in the use of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), is a Prepare/Enrich Facilitator and Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Texas at Tyler.

$95/50 minute session, individual, private pay
$115/50 minute session, couple, Prepare/Enrich Premarital Counseling, private pay
receipts provided upon request for client submission to private insurance for reimbursement of fees for services.

Kim is currently accepting new clients.

Ashlee Coleman, M.A.


Ashlee enjoys working with the full life span, beginning at 2-years-old, through a wide variety of concerns. She considers it a deep honor to be entrusted on her clients’ paths to wellness and enjoys when clients are able to pursue wholeness, even when they have no words. With a strong foundation in trauma-informed care, attachment theory, neurobiological safety, and developmental models, Ashlee utilizes art, play, music, breath work, mindfulness, animal-assisted therapy, EMDR, and other evidence-based treatments in her provision of care.  She fundamentally seeks to approach clients with cultural humility and believes in utilizing her clients’ strengths in the journey toward healing.

Ashlee walks alongside clients pursuing hope and healing from a variety of complex experiences, including vicarious trauma, attachment concerns, adoption issues, parenting, and grief. Additional areas of specialty include providing mental healthcare to other helping professionals and treating complex trauma and dissociation, including dissociative identity disorder.

Ashlee also trains and supervises counselors-in-training who treat similar client concerns and provides consultation to EMDR therapists looking to expand their skills in working with clients with complex trauma and dissociative presentations through developmental, parts-of-self, and attachment-focused lenses.

Ashlee earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The University of North Texas and Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The University of Texas at Tyler. Ashlee is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. She is experienced in the use of Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Trauma- Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). A perpetual student desiring to learn more in order to provide the highest care to her clients, she holds a Trauma Therapy Certificate and an Intermediate Trauma Therapy Certificate, both from Trauma Support Services of North Texas, covering over 100 hours of post-graduate training in the utilization of multiple modalities of trauma therapy including body work, play, creative arts, neurobiology, family systems, and eating disorders.  She is also a former instructor for the Crisis Prevention Institute from her years providing mental health services within the Texas public school system.  Throughout her deeper study and skill-building in utilizing EMDR, Ashlee develops her specialization in treating complex dissociation, learning from Dolores Mosquera, Colin Ross, and Robin Shapiro, among others.

$150/60 minute session, private pay
$225/90 minute session, private pay
receipts provided upon request for client submission to private insurance for reimbursement of fees for services.

Ashlee currently has a waiting list for clients of all ages.


Winston is a psychiatric service animal trained to work with Ashlee and perceive, respond to, and display the emotions of clients within the therapy room.  He is helpful for building personal insight into and management of emotional and body experiences.

He loves coming to work each day and is eager to greet you and help with processing and regulation throughout your session.  More photos and videos, including of newborn and baby Winston, are on our social media pages.

Winston is an Aussietese - a mix of a Toy Australian Shepherd and a Maltese. This means that he has the personality of an Aussie, but is completely hypoallergenic and does not shed!

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